How To Live In A Small Space With Kids


Call us crazy, because you can, but as a family of four, we live in about 850-900 sqft. Could we move a little out of the city and get more space for our kids to grow up in? Of course! However, if you have followed previous articles of mine, you will have learned that not only do we have a killer deal in our current space, but were located in a great family friendly neighborhood right in Vancouver and I can’t get enough of it.

But how do we do it? We have two kids and only two bedrooms and one bathroom. Does everyday go smoothly? No. There are MANY days, where we say, “we have to get a bigger place!.” But then what do we lose? We don’t get to live in this beautiful city, we actually create more work for ourselves because more space means A LOT more cleaning, and selfishly we love the luxury of city living because we have so much beauty surrounding us. I also grew up in a smaller town and I just have no desire to go back. Ultimately, it made sense for us to stay where we are and create as much space as possible in smaller living quarters with a few essentials. If your thinking of downsizing to save money, or to save cleaning time, or to live in maybe a higher end area and all you can afford is something smaller, but you have kids, then keep reading!

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5 Baby Shower Ideas


I feel like it’s that time of year again when i open up Instagram and my feed is filled with pregnancy announcements.  To me, it brings back this excitement for these families because i recall that feeling so well.  My last pregnancy i announced i had announced in the fall, and today she is six months old, so maybe that’s why i feel more sentimental about it.  The overall pregnancy experience brings so many highs and lows, let’s be real.  It can be challenging, exhausting, sickening, amazing, incredible etc…  For me, one of those highs, was my baby being showered with gifts and be surrounded by the people i loved in celebrating our little bundle of joy.



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Why It’s So Important To Hydrate During Pregnancy

(14 weeks pregnant in photo above)


How many times have you read an article or left the doctor’s office and been reminded to “drink lots of water” while pregnant?  Probably more times than you can count, right?

Here in Vancouver, my OBGYN saw me every two weeks once i reached the second trimester and EVERY week by the time i got down to the last three weeks of my pregnancy.  Can you imagine over that time, how many reminders i got to drink lots of water and stay hydrated?

Let’s just say, A LOT!  Yet, did i?  

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7 Simple Steps To Maintain A Work/Life Balance


I was watching the news a few days ago and a study was conducted about what people would prefer when it comes to a good job, a lot of money, more time with family or the proper work/life balance.  In the day and age we live in, i assumed people were thinking about money.  I was WRONG.  The number one thing people wanted was to achieve the proper work/life balance.  I guess it isn’t surprising when another study showed that 53% of people in BC are not only working full time, but then work on the weekends.  Oddly enough, this is something i talk about all the time and it’s something i am always trying to master because i believe it is SO truly important to maintain a work/life balance.  So i am coming at you this week with a whole blog post on this.

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Fresh Prep Vancouver


As a mother, i am sure you would agree we have a lot of responsibilities.  One that i take seriously, is cooking!  With little kids in the house and always be more of a health conscious person, i try making sure my meals i am feeding myself, husband and now children, are healthy.  I am all for giving a kid a treat here and there, but if i can get a healthy dinner in my daughters belly, i feel like that’s a win!


The Con’s to Grocery Shopping 

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5 Tips To Live Your BEST Mom Life



I just said the other day in an Instagram video that i was totally exhausted and “moming hard.”  Now, i recognize this is not a real phrase, at least i don’t think so, but it did make me realize that being a mom is HARD some days and i think this term that just slipped out of my mouth should be in the dictionary.


Moming Hard

noun (mum-ing hard)

1.) the feeling a mother feels after endless sleepless nights,

laundry loads you’ve done three times because mold has now formed,

while spit up and yesterdays makeup is on you.



Something like that… Anyone agree?

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11 Questions About Blogging


The liebster award is an award nomination that is given to bloggers by bloggers.  It is just a way to show recognition for one another and to build a sense of community by helping expand our reach.


To start, i have to thank my girl Kama Jones from Ethigal blog for the liebster award nomination.  I had a blast answering the following questions that she presented me.

Kama currently lives in the Fraser Valley area where she is a school teacher, a mother and a busy blogger!  She is a conscious community woman and that is what her blog is all about!  Sharing things that inspire her regarding social good and motherhood.

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Potty Training 101: How To Potty Train Quickly



So your starting to feel completely done with diapers and diaper duty (haha, pun intended), but your not sure when you should start weaning them off diapers and onto the toilet.  Is it too early?  Are we late getting started?  Am i ready for changing sheets through the night?  Can this process even be done quickly?


So many questions right?  Right!  


Here is the thing, i do NOT have a 3 day potty training miracle for you.  Honestly, i don’t even know how mother’s have trained there children in 3 days.  All i know is props to you mama’s who have!  What this article is going to present to you, is how i trained my toddler fairly quickly to potty train by the time she was about 21 months.  She is now 2.5 and has been potty trained for quite a while now, she goes to the bathroom all by herself and we never had to do double diaper duty with her and our newborn (thank goodness!).  If you want to know my suggestions on how YOU can do this too, keep scrolling!

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