Clean Quality Eating On A Budget


Is it possible to have a healthy diet while on a small budget?


Better yet, is it possible to have a healthy clean diet containing quality meat, fish and poultry, on a small budget?  If you read my last article on “Why I Switched To Quality Meat” you will understand my reasoning’s behind the switch.  I’m happy to announce that since being introduced to this type of meat, I haven’t purchased ANY store bought meat or fish.  Now, please understand that this doesn’t mean I am against going out and getting a burger at the five guys down the road or stealing a few of my daughters fish sticks when she’s not looking.  Everything in moderation right? But DO understand that I have switched my entire thinking on the clean quality foods I am buying, particularly my meat, poultry and fish, while indulging on a small fast food treat once in a while (because I am human haha).

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Decorating A Kid Friendly Home On A Budget


One of the things i absolutely love ALMOST as much as my children is interior design!!  Here’s the thing with it though…it can be SO expensive!  I have successfully come up with ways to design your home, apartment, condo etc… On a budget!


The number one question i would say my husband and i get asked in having kids in the city is, how do you afford it?  Well, i’m going to dish on some of our “secrets.”  Let me give you a little background on why we chose the lifestyle we did…


So to begin, we actually live in a fairly spacious OLD apartment building.  I really can’t stress enough the fact that this building IS OLD (haha).  Although It is nothing glamorous from the outside, what appealed to us was the nice bright open space, big bedrooms and CHEAP!  Taking into consideration all those factors, we realized we could work with the space in the “design” department and really spruce it up.  We got grandfathered into the old rental prices so we actually only pay $840.00 for rent!!! (GASP!  I know…)  On top of that our location is amazing.  We have so many schools and parks around us, 20 mins from downtown, rooftop patio that slightly overlooks the airport so we watch the planes coming and going…Oh yeah and we have a dishwasher and washer/dryer unit in suite and the only utilities we pay for is BC Hydro which is $63.00 every TWO months, everything else is included.


For us, it seemed like the perfect fit while we figured out what we wanted to do long term.

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10 Ways To Cut Down Your Bills – Part 1



As a family of four, we most definitely have expenses!  But my husband and I together have mastered some serious ways to cut our bills down and live extremely frugal.  My goal is that some of these tips will help you maybe change a few of the habits were all guilty of that can actually save us quite a bit of money in the long run and either help you pay off that pesky debt or just have a little more cash flow for your savings.


Unplug It!


For instance, while you’re not using your phone charger, coffee pot, kettle etc… unplug it! Not only does it still draw energy which is affecting your hydro bill, it is a more green way of living!  (Bonus for us vancouverites striving to be in the top 10 for greenest cities in the world)


Turn Off Your Lights 


This goes hand in hand with my first suggestion.  If you’re leaving your lights on often, you’re affecting your hydro bill again.  Although it’s not huge amounts of dollars it’s still an area you can be saving in. Right now while it’s summer, it’s even more convenient to utilize this method. Continue reading “10 Ways To Cut Down Your Bills – Part 1”

How To Save $𝟣𝟢,𝟢𝟢𝟢 For Your Child By 𝟤𝟣


Money, Money, Money, Money…..MONEY!


Saving for our children’s future can be scary.  It’s hard to know what kind of funds we will need, for what purpose or reasoning, if your going to need one, two, three savings depending on how many children you plan on having and if so, how do you make it fair?


I have found a few frugal and simple ways that seem to work really well for savings for our girls future.  Here’s the thing, you want to look at the big picture!  When will your children REALLY need some financial assistance.  When my husband and i were discussing this we thought of two main events that we could really help out our children as most parents want to do.  Being as we have two girls, we immediately thought old school about how we would want to help our girls out should there be a wedding in there future.  Another main event would be any extra educational course they may want to take to help them get a stable job to support themselves.

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