10 Frugal Summer Activities under $10.00


Can you believe that we are approaching the end of another summer!!  I sure can’t.

This year Vancouver, BC has been a bit of a scorcher and i have heard MANY say they are ready for fall.  Couple the heat with all the smoke from the wildfires we have been having and i think everyone is ready for the air quality to improve as well.

For me, this is the saddest time of year because i LOVE the heat and the sun and do not look forward to the ten months of rain we have ahead of us (ok, that might be a stretch, but that is what it feels like).

Before summer goes, i try and take in as much outdoor time with my girls as i possibly can before we are cooped up inside the house due to the cold and rainy weather or the yucky seasonal colds and flu’s.

Today i am going to give you my top ten summer activities you can do with your kids before the season is over, all for less than $10.00


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Top 5 Camping Hacks With Toddler & Baby


Growing up i always loved camping.  I was RAISED on camping.  My parents started my sister and i camping at just a few weeks old.  Naturally being raised like this and loving the memories we have, my husband and i were determined to carry that on and not let children stop us from doing the things we love.

With that being said, it DOES get a lot more challenging.  There are SO many things to pack when you have TWO kids, especially a baby and a toddler.  To make things even more complicated, we don’t have a trailer, so we are tenting and everything we bring has to be packed into our SUV with not a lot of extra space due to the two car seats.

As my husband and i were camping this past week (we did our first camp trip, six days long, with our almost three month old and two and a half year old) i realized this is a perfect opportunity to share some of the things we found helpful when making camping more comfortable for ALL involved.


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Top 8 Date Night’s On A Dime



One of the best things for your marriage when you have kids in your life, is buying out time for your spouse!  My husband and i have always been pro date nights, but when you have kids in the picture, you may not want to spend a fortune going out to dinner.  In an expensive city like Vancouver we have endless options of places to go, which is one of the reasons why we LOVE raising our kids here, BUT it can get expensive IF you don’t know where to go.  Here are our top 8 ideas for what i like to call date nights on a dime  (not literally, i wish!  But close enough)


Picnic on the beach 


Whether it is Stanley Park, English Bay, Spanish banks or whatever other beach you prefer, in Vancouver, we have no shortage of beautiful beaches to have a picnic on the beach.  We love buying a cheap bottle of wine, cutting up some snacks and bringing our speakers for a romantic little picnic on the beach. Continue reading “Top 8 Date Night’s On A Dime”

Benefits Of A Diaper Bag Backpack



There are so many different styles of diaper bags, sometimes it’s overwhelming to choose what one will be best for you!  I have to say, I’ve had a few different diaper bags, and different styles and this diaper bag backpack has got to be the best.  Not only for the quality and for the colors, but for the amount of space it allows for.  The problem i found with over the shoulder diaper bags is that i would fill it with so many essential items, that it would get so heavy and would end up killing my shoulders while carrying a baby on the other side.



Diaper Bag Backpack benefits 



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