Why I Switched To Quality Meat

Are you a quality meat buyer or a quantity meat buyer?


As a family of four who is very conscious of spending, i’ve trained myself to be budget oriented.  I had a hard time spending double the price on a pack of chicken just because it was suppose to be better quality.  Plus with quality meat you typically get a little less.  However my thinking on this changed recently.  I started feeling really gross after eating low quality meats from the groceries stores.  It actually turned my stomach looking at some of the pieces of chicken we would cook and the texture of the chicken AFTER it was cooked.

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Fresh Prep Vancouver


As a mother, i am sure you would agree we have a lot of responsibilities.  One that i take seriously, is cooking!  With little kids in the house and always be more of a health conscious person, i try making sure my meals i am feeding myself, husband and now children, are healthy.  I am all for giving a kid a treat here and there, but if i can get a healthy dinner in my daughters belly, i feel like that’s a win!


The Con’s to Grocery Shopping 

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5 Tips To Live Your BEST Mom Life



I just said the other day in an Instagram video that i was totally exhausted and “moming hard.”  Now, i recognize this is not a real phrase, at least i don’t think so, but it did make me realize that being a mom is HARD some days and i think this term that just slipped out of my mouth should be in the dictionary.


Moming Hard

noun (mum-ing hard)

1.) the feeling a mother feels after endless sleepless nights,

laundry loads you’ve done three times because mold has now formed,

while spit up and yesterdays makeup is on you.



Something like that… Anyone agree?

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Belly Bandit Wrap

What is a Belly Bandit Wrap?


If you haven’t heard of the Belly Bandit Wrap, you MUST try it out!


I heard of it with my first pregnancy and decided after some research it was worth spending the $80.00 on buying to help recover my core area after delivery.  Keep in mind this was my first baby so I prepared to have a belly after the baby and some loose skin but nothing really prepares you for the feeling you have after having a baby for the first time.  Your skin is like jelly and very loose and it just continues to stay that way the more weight you lose the first few weeks after baby…


Unfortunately for me, my belly bandit was in my hospital bag which was in our car that was stolen the day we went into labor…. (ya, that’s an interesting story.  Feel free to read about it in my birth story).


Because of that, I never got the chance to use it.  Flash forward two years being pregnant with my second baby.  I was SO excited to buy this again (at a much more frugal cost thanks to craigslist) and see how it worked in comparison to NOT having used it with my first.  Yes, i talk about being frugal a lot throughout the blog, so i actually found a woman on craigslist who had a bought a belly bandit wrap but couldn’t use it because she had a prolapse.  She let me buy it off of her for $50.00!  A 30.00 savings! (woohoo).  If that’s not possible in your area but you want to save, amazon usually carries the original belly bandit for $68.00

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30 Day Detox Post Pregnancy



There is an “I” in Team… and its called Teami!


The hardest part of post pregnancy for me as someone who is always in fairly good shape and active, was having the jelly like stomach again and just feeling a little uncomfortable in your own skin.  Your body is constantly changing for the first few weeks and for me i was just in a weird in between stage for clothing sizes.  I wanted to do something that would benefit my body and overall health but wouldn’t be difficult to follow like some of the diet and exercise plans out there that as a mom of two, i just don’t have time for.


Then i read about Teami Blends 


Let me give you some background on Teami Blends if your not familiar with them…

This is a great way to rid your body of toxins.  For me I used this less than a week after having my second baby.  I have had great success with this, particularly in how it made me feel overall and of course the help with the weight loss.

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