The First Three Months With Two Kids


So you have finally delivered your second bundle of joy and your sitting in the hospital thinking, “I can’t wait to get out of here and be back in the comfort of my own home!”


But wait a minute…


This isn’t like the first time you came home with your baby.  The house isn’t empty and quiet, you don’t just gently lay your newborn into their bassinet and while they sleep you peacefully sleep…No no, let’s get real.


The First Month

If you came here in the hopes that i was going to tell you the first month is a breeze, then you might want to click the back arrow now and escape this blog post while you still have time (haha), or hang tight, give this a read and understand that it’s not ALL bad, but it’s hard!

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10 Frugal Summer Activities under $10.00


Can you believe that we are approaching the end of another summer!!  I sure can’t.

This year Vancouver, BC has been a bit of a scorcher and i have heard MANY say they are ready for fall.  Couple the heat with all the smoke from the wildfires we have been having and i think everyone is ready for the air quality to improve as well.

For me, this is the saddest time of year because i LOVE the heat and the sun and do not look forward to the ten months of rain we have ahead of us (ok, that might be a stretch, but that is what it feels like).

Before summer goes, i try and take in as much outdoor time with my girls as i possibly can before we are cooped up inside the house due to the cold and rainy weather or the yucky seasonal colds and flu’s.

Today i am going to give you my top ten summer activities you can do with your kids before the season is over, all for less than $10.00


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Top 5 Camping Hacks With Toddler & Baby


Growing up i always loved camping.  I was RAISED on camping.  My parents started my sister and i camping at just a few weeks old.  Naturally being raised like this and loving the memories we have, my husband and i were determined to carry that on and not let children stop us from doing the things we love.

With that being said, it DOES get a lot more challenging.  There are SO many things to pack when you have TWO kids, especially a baby and a toddler.  To make things even more complicated, we don’t have a trailer, so we are tenting and everything we bring has to be packed into our SUV with not a lot of extra space due to the two car seats.

As my husband and i were camping this past week (we did our first camp trip, six days long, with our almost three month old and two and a half year old) i realized this is a perfect opportunity to share some of the things we found helpful when making camping more comfortable for ALL involved.


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How To Overcome Post Baby Body Issues


My Two and a half year old often follows me everywhere, so its no surprise that when i am in the middle of changing for the day in our bedroom, i turn around to see her standing there.  As i am changing, she will look at me with her big brown eyes, smile and say, “i like your body mommy.”  Adorable right?


Not so fast…


Then there is my husband who is constantly complimenting me on how i look even after having two kids, endearing right?


But wait… 

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Decorating A Kid Friendly Home On A Budget


One of the things i absolutely love ALMOST as much as my children is interior design!!  Here’s the thing with it though…it can be SO expensive!  I have successfully come up with ways to design your home, apartment, condo etc… On a budget!


The number one question i would say my husband and i get asked in having kids in the city is, how do you afford it?  Well, i’m going to dish on some of our “secrets.”  Let me give you a little background on why we chose the lifestyle we did…


So to begin, we actually live in a fairly spacious OLD apartment building.  I really can’t stress enough the fact that this building IS OLD (haha).  Although It is nothing glamorous from the outside, what appealed to us was the nice bright open space, big bedrooms and CHEAP!  Taking into consideration all those factors, we realized we could work with the space in the “design” department and really spruce it up.  We got grandfathered into the old rental prices so we actually only pay $840.00 for rent!!! (GASP!  I know…)  On top of that our location is amazing.  We have so many schools and parks around us, 20 mins from downtown, rooftop patio that slightly overlooks the airport so we watch the planes coming and going…Oh yeah and we have a dishwasher and washer/dryer unit in suite and the only utilities we pay for is BC Hydro which is $63.00 every TWO months, everything else is included.


For us, it seemed like the perfect fit while we figured out what we wanted to do long term.

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Top 8 Date Night’s On A Dime



One of the best things for your marriage when you have kids in your life, is buying out time for your spouse!  My husband and i have always been pro date nights, but when you have kids in the picture, you may not want to spend a fortune going out to dinner.  In an expensive city like Vancouver we have endless options of places to go, which is one of the reasons why we LOVE raising our kids here, BUT it can get expensive IF you don’t know where to go.  Here are our top 8 ideas for what i like to call date nights on a dime  (not literally, i wish!  But close enough)


Picnic on the beach 


Whether it is Stanley Park, English Bay, Spanish banks or whatever other beach you prefer, in Vancouver, we have no shortage of beautiful beaches to have a picnic on the beach.  We love buying a cheap bottle of wine, cutting up some snacks and bringing our speakers for a romantic little picnic on the beach. Continue reading “Top 8 Date Night’s On A Dime”

My Natural Birth Story


As many of you may know from reading my other articles, i was pro an epidural with my first labor and delivery experience however i did suffer a post dural headache.  Second time around, i was still open to getting an epidural as it did help me immensely in dealing with the pain during labor. However let me start by saying that the second time around, i ended up doing it naturally.


This is how it went down… 


I was due May 18, 2018, however at my 38 week mark my doctor had noticed that my fluids looked a little bit low so she scheduled me for an ultrasound just to check things out.  Sure enough, my fluids were low but not anything drastic so we decided that we would just kind of keep our eye on it and i would look for signs that i was leaking fluids and we would just monitor everything sort of together.  Nothing really happened which was great, but when i went in for my 39 week appointment she noticed fluids were still low.  I went in for another ultrasound to make sure that the fluids weren’t even lower than they were before.  If they were, then we would discuss the possibility of an induction just to be extra safe. Continue reading “My Natural Birth Story”

10 Ways To Cut Down Your Bills – Part 1



As a family of four, we most definitely have expenses!  But my husband and I together have mastered some serious ways to cut our bills down and live extremely frugal.  My goal is that some of these tips will help you maybe change a few of the habits were all guilty of that can actually save us quite a bit of money in the long run and either help you pay off that pesky debt or just have a little more cash flow for your savings.


Unplug It!


For instance, while you’re not using your phone charger, coffee pot, kettle etc… unplug it! Not only does it still draw energy which is affecting your hydro bill, it is a more green way of living!  (Bonus for us vancouverites striving to be in the top 10 for greenest cities in the world)


Turn Off Your Lights 


This goes hand in hand with my first suggestion.  If you’re leaving your lights on often, you’re affecting your hydro bill again.  Although it’s not huge amounts of dollars it’s still an area you can be saving in. Right now while it’s summer, it’s even more convenient to utilize this method. Continue reading “10 Ways To Cut Down Your Bills – Part 1”

Belly Bandit Wrap

What is a Belly Bandit Wrap?


If you haven’t heard of the Belly Bandit Wrap, you MUST try it out!


I heard of it with my first pregnancy and decided after some research it was worth spending the $80.00 on buying to help recover my core area after delivery.  Keep in mind this was my first baby so I prepared to have a belly after the baby and some loose skin but nothing really prepares you for the feeling you have after having a baby for the first time.  Your skin is like jelly and very loose and it just continues to stay that way the more weight you lose the first few weeks after baby…


Unfortunately for me, my belly bandit was in my hospital bag which was in our car that was stolen the day we went into labor…. (ya, that’s an interesting story.  Feel free to read about it in my birth story).


Because of that, I never got the chance to use it.  Flash forward two years being pregnant with my second baby.  I was SO excited to buy this again (at a much more frugal cost thanks to craigslist) and see how it worked in comparison to NOT having used it with my first.  Yes, i talk about being frugal a lot throughout the blog, so i actually found a woman on craigslist who had a bought a belly bandit wrap but couldn’t use it because she had a prolapse.  She let me buy it off of her for $50.00!  A 30.00 savings! (woohoo).  If that’s not possible in your area but you want to save, amazon usually carries the original belly bandit for $68.00

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30 Day Detox Post Pregnancy



There is an “I” in Team… and its called Teami!


The hardest part of post pregnancy for me as someone who is always in fairly good shape and active, was having the jelly like stomach again and just feeling a little uncomfortable in your own skin.  Your body is constantly changing for the first few weeks and for me i was just in a weird in between stage for clothing sizes.  I wanted to do something that would benefit my body and overall health but wouldn’t be difficult to follow like some of the diet and exercise plans out there that as a mom of two, i just don’t have time for.


Then i read about Teami Blends 


Let me give you some background on Teami Blends if your not familiar with them…

This is a great way to rid your body of toxins.  For me I used this less than a week after having my second baby.  I have had great success with this, particularly in how it made me feel overall and of course the help with the weight loss.

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