5 Baby Shower Ideas


I feel like it’s that time of year again when i open up Instagram and my feed is filled with pregnancy announcements.  To me, it brings back this excitement for these families because i recall that feeling so well.  My last pregnancy i announced i had announced in the fall, and today she is six months old, so maybe that’s why i feel more sentimental about it.  The overall pregnancy experience brings so many highs and lows, let’s be real.  It can be challenging, exhausting, sickening, amazing, incredible etc…  For me, one of those highs, was my baby being showered with gifts and be surrounded by the people i loved in celebrating our little bundle of joy.



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The First Three Months With Two Kids


So you have finally delivered your second bundle of joy and your sitting in the hospital thinking, “I can’t wait to get out of here and be back in the comfort of my own home!”


But wait a minute…


This isn’t like the first time you came home with your baby.  The house isn’t empty and quiet, you don’t just gently lay your newborn into their bassinet and while they sleep you peacefully sleep…No no, let’s get real.


The First Month

If you came here in the hopes that i was going to tell you the first month is a breeze, then you might want to click the back arrow now and escape this blog post while you still have time (haha), or hang tight, give this a read and understand that it’s not ALL bad, but it’s hard!

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My Birth Story


The arrival of our first daughter was probably not your typical birth story so i wanted to share it as ours was everything BUT uneventful.  There were ups and downs and tears and laughter….  Why?


Well let’s begin with how it started….


I was due February 6, 2016,  however the Thursday before that (Feb 4, 2016) i noticed i had lost the mucus plug (i hate that word to this day, but for the mama and ladies reading this, that’s just another one of those lovely pregnancy terms).  This was exciting!! I figured, ok!! lets gear up for baby coming soon!!  I pretty well immediately noticed i was somewhat leaking fluids, but they weren’t clear so i didn’t think it was my water breaking, and on top of that, it wasn’t like the big gush of water you see portrayed in movies.  This was a slow but consistent loss of fluids.  I went to the kitchen as my husband and i were at my parents place and told my mom what was going on and asked if she thought it was my water breaking and she too thought it seemed a little different then my water breaking.  That gave me the reassurance i needed to just carry on with my day.  As the hours went on i noticed it wasn’t stopping and i needed to start using pads.  At this point my parents suggested my husband and i go and get our hospital stuff which was back up at our end of town and bring everything we need to spend the night should i happen to go into labour in the middle of the night, that way i’m super close to the hospital (they lived in Gastown and i was set to have my baby at St. Pauls Hospital, so those of you who know Vancouver know just how close that is).  So, off my husband and i go to collect our things, hospital bags, carseat, etc…


Thursday night i got zero sleep at all because i was up ALL night changing pads and noticing this fluid leaking was not letting up at all, but it still wasn’t a clear color so i was a little concerned.  In the morning i talked to mom about it and she said to call the hospital to double check.  My husband and i made the call stating our due date was now tomorrow and this is the situation i am in.  They suggested i come in and get it looked at just to be safe.  My husband and i have this emotional moment in the living room at my parents place just hugging and crying (at least i was), thinking this is our final moment just the two of us together till we have a daughter…..


Well, we go outside to jump in our vehicle to get to the hospital and our car is nowhere to be found……..

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10 Tips – Preparing For Labor And Delivery




How are we suppose to prepare for labor and delivery…


If this is your first baby, it’s something completely foreign that you’ve never experienced and if it’s your second, maybe your wishing it was foreign again, because you don’t want to relive some of those moments.


I am here to tell you that not all labor and delivery experiences are horrible.  And, there are things you can do in advance to help you have a smoother labor and delivery.  I had hospital births, so because of that, that is what i am focusing on.  I never experienced water births or any other form of delivery so i have no idea what to give you tips on specifically regarding that.  However, i will say, my pre labor and delivery tips i think are good for anyone who is currently pregnant and starting to give this some thought.


First off and most importantly in my mind, i want to stress the importance of EXERCISE! 


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What’s In Our Hospital Bag?


For all the first time “parents to be” out there, a daunting thought may be, what am I suppose to pack for the hospital???

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Constant questioning of whether or not we should pack our own hospital gowns? Do I pack diapers or are they provided for me? What about pacifiers? Do I bring my own or is that something the hospital will provide? How much should I pack if I’m there for a few days? Etc…


You see how overwhelming those questions can get? And one just leads to the other…


I am going to tell you in this article what I packed in my hospital bag and what I learned I definitely want to pack this second time around that I didn’t last time.


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